Sunday, 30 August 2009

Will trade for food.

Ever since I got married and bought a house, my wallet - which was formerly a colourful place for coins and maybe even the odd note - has got significantly emptier. The colour spectrum of coins has vanished, and if there is an occurrence of colour it is generally copper in appearance.

Shiny new toys are harder to come by now that I'm trying to be a grown up, until I came across the swap shop on Gumtree. The move to the new house has left many items of Jordan-past out of use and made them possible currency for new things.

My old baby (VOX 50w Valvetronix amp) which I used to gig with was first in the firing line, I am looking for a shiny Canon or Nikon camera (a bit ambitious I know, but this is a fine amp - and pretty hard to come by) and I am loving this new way of acquiring my toys. It is a lot of fun, next in line is my Pignose portable amp that can run on batteries. I bought it with the intention of guerilla gigs with my previous band, silly silly Jordan-past.

With a lot of willing swappers it seems most things are reasonably achievable, I haven't had this much of an adrenaline rush since trading Pogs in primary school.

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