Saturday, 26 September 2009

Taking a rest

I'll be taking a rest from blogging in the near future. I'm enjoying Picasa too much and playing with my kitty.
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  1. Awww! Your kitty is so adorable : I've a huge fan of pets too (but house rule forbids that, given my parents are very particular about keeping the house sparkling clean and in a showhouse-like state). I do feed a family of strays in my neighbourhood and would spend hours playing with them. Aren't kittens the cutest things?

    *cuddles your kitty*

    Hope to see you back in blogging again! I've grown to be very fond of your posts after I discovered that you've migrated over to Blogger :) do come back soon!

  2. Hey Teddy, good to see you over here! I love that kitten so much even if he does bite holes in my arms! Kittens are awesome, you can never have enough kittens!

    I'll be back soon to blogging, just taking a short break for a busy couple of weeks :) speak soon!

  3. Ah, I can totally understand you. The strays I've been taking care off loves to scratch me as a form of showing affection. Love hurts, doesn't it :D and yea they love biting too. They'd chew holes in my sndles and sometimes nibble on my toes until they feel numb.

    Looks like you're back! Welcome back :) hope the EE conference/gathering was great!